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It’s not fun.

After all the planning to be in a situation where your day can no longer go ahead on the day you had in mind.

It is very disappointing and heart breaking.

The best thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t just happening to you. (Although sometimes it probably feels like the universe is working against you).  This is happening to every couple.  Not just in Australia, but all over the world!

We feel especially sorry for couples that may have guests that are unwell or terminally ill.  It’s heartbreaking thinking that these loved ones may not be here for the postponed date. (Of course, don’t forget if you are in that terrible situation you can still get married and stream the small ceremony.  This way they still get to see you get married).

Other couples may be expecting and hoped to have their wedding prior to being either heavily pregnant or with a new arrival.

The silver lining to take away from the situation is that there will be an end to all this.

Use the extra time to make your original plans even more amazing.

We wished we had a solution or an answer, however we are in the same situation as everyone else.

We just wanted everyone to know that we are thinking of all the couples.  We are always here for a chat about your day and love to help in any way we can.

Most of all, stay safe.


Love and best wishes,

Nik & Natalie