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Wedding Entertainment Prices & Packages

Our Wedding Entertainment Prices & Packages


Looking for affordable Wedding Entertainment Prices & Packages?
We know you just want a price.
The problem is, we don’t offer a “generic” or “cookie cutter” service for our couples.
We provide tailored, amazing experiences as unique and memorable as the couple themselves.


Our couples LOVE the difference of having a supplier that actually takes the time and care to LISTEN to what THEY want instead of assuming what they are offering is a good match.


We meet personally (either online or in person) every single couple prior to being able to provide a price. For some couples, this is not what they like to hear, and that’s fine. However, the couples that “get it” see it as a refreshing difference to have someone care enough to gain an insight into their day and not just try and push a sale with a price list of a generic offering.


Let’s arrange a time to get together and discuss your day so we CAN provide you with a quote for our tailored entertainment services.

Now with all that said and done, we understand … you are still after at least a rough idea of how much we charge.  Most couples that hire us for our 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back multi-award winning service pay from $1650.  Considering this is your one shot to get it right day, we believe what we offer is fantastic value for money for peace of mind you are in good hands.


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