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Gold Coast MC

I am a highly qualified Gold Coast MC. If you are looking for a master of ceremonies for any type of event I would love you to consider what I can provide.

I am a very down to earth and fun person that feels comfortable in presenting in front of any size audience. From corporate events to weddings or even small gatherings I am the perfect host.

I believe making people feel comfortable from the very first time they meet you (even before you open the microphone) is crucial to the success of an event.  I am capable of performing in a warm and friendly way for all types of events and happy to be as non-hands on as you wish right through to running some fun ice-breakers and interactive ideas to get everyone having a great time.

Why a Gold Coast MC and not someone else?

As an entertainment professional, far too many times I have witnessed weddings and corporate events making the terrible mistake of having a family member, friend or work college (or even the CEO of the company) take the role of the Master of Ceremonies … and COMPLETELY ruin the event.

It’s not that they are not great public speakers, it’s that they haven’t had the training or understanding of what a true Master of Ceremonies actually does.  They assume introducing a few speakers and the the ability to speak in front of others to be all there is to successfully fulfilling this role.

Sorry, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It sure shows when you see the difference a true and trained professional MC makes over an “insider” when it comes to the success and seamless flow of the event.

As a Gold Coast MC, having worked and many events, I not only am comfortable in speaking in front of audiences of all sizes and demographics, I also know all the extra background work that goes into being a successful Master of Ceremonies.

Many people fail to realise the MC is actually the host of the entire event!  THEY are responsible for the flow of the event and ultimately the success or failure of the event based on their ability and knowledge of event planning and excellence of execution.

I have had extensive training in the art of being a master of ceremonies through extensive training by such great MCs in our industry as US based MC celebrities Mark Ferrell, Mitch Taylor, Jim Cerone, Bill Hermann, Randy Bartlett, Mike Walter, Joe Bunn and Vickie Musni and Australian based MCs such as Steve Bowen, Peter DeWever and many, many more.

I continue to improve my skills on a weekly basis though my involvement with a weekly Toastmasters group that is dedicated especially to professional Masters of Ceremonies. In addition I am also a heavily involved member in the DJAA which provides multiple and regular MC based training opportunities.

If you are looking for a Gold Coast MC for your event (whatever type of event that might be), I would love the opportunity of speaking with you about how I can guarantee the success of your event.

Over the years, I have spent many thousands of dollars and many thousands of hours honing my skills as a professional Gold Coast MC. I know that these skills already have benefited many of my clients who have left glowing reviews and letters of appreciation for the difference I brought to their event.

I would love to speak to you about how I can not only make YOUR event multitudes better, but also guarantee the success of your event though the skills I have acquired over many years.  Please at least reach out and give me the opportunity of letting you know how I can make your event much better with the addition of adding the professional Gold Coast MC service I am offering.


Nik Edser