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Wedding Music
Wedding music

by Nik Edser

When it comes to choosing the right wedding music for your special day, it’s best to think inclusively.  You want to ensure that all your family and friends that you care enough about to have invited to your wedding has a good time.  Too many times we have seen the bridal couple become far too restrictive and controlling of the music that is played.  This usually results in an empty dance floor and guests complaining all night about the terrible DJ.  Of course, they are unaware that the DJ is only doing what they are told to do.  It is important to remember, that (as long as you hire the right DJ), they know what they are doing.  When it comes to our company (NikNat Entertainment) this is our profession, this is what we do.  We work with each and every couple to ensure that we will play the perfect combination of the music that we know will get your guests up and dancing along with the music that you want to hear.

In the past, we have even politely declined to accept the booking from some couples who refused to be flexible in the music they wanted.  We are very easy to get on with, but when a couple demands the only music to be played all night is Top 40 and nothing else, it leaves many of the guests feeling that there was nothing for them all night.  Not only that, but it also makes us appear like incompetent DJs.  So when it comes to your wedding music, think about the age ranges of your guests.  Better yet, let the professionals choose the music.  We are trained in the art of “reading the crowd”.  Each wedding is different.  No two weddings will have the exact same music. We can quickly assess the right style of music to play by looking at a few different indicators of your guests.  Even small things like their hair style, the drinks they are drinking and the way they speak are just a few of the things we look for when assessing the right wedding music to play.

Many times, the couples we work with don’t worry about picking any of the songs for the night other than the song for the bridal party entry, cake cutting and bridal dance.  We have heard of another large DJ company that actually makes you pick the entire playlist for the night!  This is a very bad way of organising your wedding music.  How are you going to know what songs are going to work and at what times?  If you need to pick all the songs, what are you paying the DJ for?  You might as well just set up an iPod with a massive playlist.  No, you don’t need that sort of stress while you are trying to plan everything else for your big day.  We take that stress away from you by weaving our magic and choosing the right songs for you right there on the spot.  Our team of Gold Coast Wedding DJs are experts at what they do.  We can’t even tell you what we are going to play on your special day until we are there.  We don’t know your guests until we get the chance to meet them and observe.

We hope this has given you some insight into the way we work our magic into your special day!
Warmest wishes,
Nik Edser

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