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by Nik Edser

Be careful you don’t fall into the trap of assuming all DJs are the same.  Many DJ companies will happily provide their services to birthday parties (of all ages), weddings, corporate events, house warming parties, rave parties … you name it, they do it!   But doesn’t this make you wonder just a little bit how they could be equally as good for all these types of events?

If you are having a wedding, you are much better off looking for a company that specialise in weddings.  The extra time it takes (and even the bit extra it might cost) will more than make up for the effort.  A wedding is (for most couples anyway) the most special day that they will remember for the rest of their lives.  This is the day you want nothing to go wrong.

Simply looking for any old DJ for hire could end up in disaster for your special day.  You might end up with a DJ that would be absolutely awesome … if the event you were having was a backyard rave party for 18 year olds!  There are as many different DJs as there are many different styles of music.  Weddings are usually not the sort of event that just any DJ is capable of successfully working with.  Here’s why …

Let’s think about a wedding. The ages of the guests range from very young right through to very old people. Just the age range alone would suggest that a variety of music is going to be needed. The backyard 18 year old rave DJ would be well out of his/her depth with absolutely no idea what to play to keep anyone above the age of 30 happy.  A good wedding DJ knows how to mix a variety of music that crosses the generation gaps but also keeps everyone happy.  Classic tunes and catchy modern tracks that all ages love are the key.

Now, putting age diversification aside, the next issue we need to consider is the event itself. A knowledge of suitable music is important. At a wedding, you want to minimize any songs that are not appropriate.  That includes songs with swearing obviously, but also any songs that might be about break-ups, death, violence or anything else that does not really fit the mood of the day.

At NikNat Entertainment, our team of Gold Coast DJs are fully trained in the art of weddings.  In fact weddings are all we do.  We are frequently requested to do birthdays and all types of other events which we politely decline.  Our team of Gold Coast Wedding DJs specialise in what they do, and we do what we do very well!  On the 9th of July, 2013 we were presented with an award given to us by the Australian Bridal Industry Academy acknowledging the work we have done.

We look forward to speaking to you about your special day.  We hope that when you are considering a DJ for hire, you consider us if you are having a wedding.

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Written by BW_Admin

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