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How Not To Get Scammed On Your Wedding
Scam alert

It is extremely common to see on social media forums brides (and grooms) to be asking questions like –

“Who did everyone have for their DJ? Looking for recommendations”.

Now, there is nothing WRONG with that, it certainly helps to get other past couples experiences and feedback on who they had, but here is the main issue with that  is that they probably have only ever seen this one DJ and assume it went well. But compared to who else?

If you took someone who somehow got to adult life without ever experiencing a movie. They have never seen one. It is likely they would probably enjoy watching even a not so great movie. They have nothing else to compare it with. So if someone asked them for a movie suggestion, of course they are going to say the one they saw was great. (Even if it wasn’t!)

“So then smarty pants …” I hear you say – “Tell us what we should be doing then?”

Why not ask the people who actually have seen a range of DJs so they can give you their experiences. Who would that be at a wedding?
Photographers, videographers, caterers and venue staff. All these people are around long enough to get a good idea of what sort of quality the DJ is and have the added bonus of comparing them to a larger sample pool than a bride on a social forum who has only experienced her own.

This strategy works for all suppliers.

Who would you seek recommendations for photographers from?
From DJs, celebrants and venue staff.

Advice on caterers?
Ask your photographer and DJ as these wedding professionals eat a wedding meal every weekend so can tell you the good from the bad!

Advice on celebrants?
Ask your photographer.

This little tip will save you the pain of going through a ton of individual suggestions that are only based on a sampling pool of 1 to a wider pool of potentially dozens.

Sure, still get some feedback from social media, but perhaps ask others what they might have done differently instead of just for their recommendations.

Once you get a recommendation for a supplier, check their Facebook page for reviews. Are they turned on? If not, that could be a warning sign. Why would they turn them off?
Check Google for reviews about them. What are others saying on their Google reviews?

Check the professional you are working with has a valid ABN (Australian Business Number). You can look up business names here – abr.business.gov.au
(Just note that if they don’t come up, they might be trading under a different name. eg. We trade under NikNat Enterprises, not NikNat Entertainment. So if they don’t come up, just ask them for their ABN outright then search it). If they don’t have an ABN they are not a registered business and is a big warning sign.

We hope these few tips will help you to find the right suppliers for your wedding day.

We have heard enough stories already of couples being scammed out of money on their wedding day and it is heart breaking.
A little home work and thinking outside the square can help to make sure your day is in good hands.


Nik Edser


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Written by Nik Reeds

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