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Club DJ vs Event DJ

There are so many things to differentiate one DJ between another, but perhaps one of the biggest and most noticeable differences is club DJs versus event DJs.
So which is better? Well, that depends on what you are hiring a DJ for. If you are hiring a DJ for a festival or a club, then obviously the club DJ is going to have the skill set required for that. However, if it is for a wedding or a corporate event the club DJ will not be the best choice.

Hiring a club DJ for a wedding would be like hiring a sheep shearer to do the bride and bridesmaids hair. Both deal with hair, both are extremely skilled in their respective fields, but both are bringing something completely different.

Club DJs are very talented. Make no mistake about it. They have mastered fluid mixes to transition from one song to the next, but what they lack is the knowledge and skills required to keep an event flowing from one part to the next.

An event DJ has built their skills in the areas of using the microphone to make important announcements (and there are a myriad of degrees of competence in this one aspect alone between various DJs). An event DJ is also able to assist and help you to build your run sheet for the event and to advise you when such things as the speeches, cake cutting and other parts that make up a wedding should happen. Not only this, but a qualified event DJ will also be able to advise you where these things should happen. Where is the best place to place the lecturn for speeches? Taking into consideration lighting, camera angles, ease of access, view-ability to the audience.

All these things seem like small things but make a huge difference to the success of a wedding. A good event DJ will think much deeper than just the music. An event DJ will liaise with the Master of Ceremonies to help ensure the night is kept running to time. Some event DJs will have even been trained as Masters of Ceremonies themselves and have mastered the craft of politely, yet effectively moving and directing guests to what is happening next on the agenda so that the guests don’t feel left uninformed.

We have had it a few times when a bride to be has contacted us, then told us upon follow up that she is sorted now as she has secured not only a DJ, but a DJ that works in night clubs! Thinking this is a badge of honour and the highest form of DJ there is. Upon doing a courtesy follow up email after the wedding to say we were thinking of them and hope all went well, unfortunately for them their biggest regret WAS the DJ.

It’s not the DJs fault. They were hired to do what they know how to do. To pump out fluid mixes to keep the beat pumping seamlessly and to keep people in the club and drinking. That’s what a club DJs primary focus is. To keep the clientele there and drinking so the club makes money. A wedding operates very differently to a nightclub.

In short, don’t make the mistake of hiring a DJ that is more suited to a nightclub than a wedding for your special day.

We hope this article has been of help to you.

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Nik Edser

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Written by Nik Reeds

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