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Why You Should DEMAND To Meet The DJ
meet the dj

Why should I meet the DJ?

My biggest question would be “Why wouldn’t you not only want to meet them, but insist on it?”

Let’s consider this – almost all couples take the time to meet their florist. In fact, they often spend a lot of time with their florist going through all the finer details. However, the thing is … your florist is not coming to your wedding. It is just their flowers that will be there.

Most couples spend a lot of time meeting the cake maker. Taste testings and design considerations need to be made. Again, your cake maker is not coming to your wedding, only their cake is.

Again with the stylist. Working with a stylist and working out the styling of the room and ceremony can take hours. You guessed it, they probably are not coming to your wedding, only their decorations are.

Your entertainer is coming to your wedding. When you are hiring an entertainer, you are not just hiring some lights and speakers. If that is all you are wanting them for, save some money and hire them yourself and plug in a playlist from your phone. (Which, by the way is a horrible idea as many couples who did this will tell you!)

No, you are hiring so much more than just equipment. You are hiring the person. This person will actually be coming to your wedding and interacting with your guests (unlike the florist, stylist and cake maker). So why wouldn’t you want to meet them? You wouldn’t allow a random person that is not a part of your friends or family to attend, so why would you pay for a random person you have never met to come to your wedding? It is way too risky.

What we can learn from those that have gone before?

The #1 regret surveys have shown us is that most couples regret the choice of their entertainment (in fact 79% of couples). If they had a do-over, the top thing they would change is the entertainment!

What can we learn from this?

It becomes apparent that most couples didn’t bother to meet their entertainer, resulting in utter disappointment and regret. There is no do-over when it comes to a wedding. You make your decisions before the day, lock in your choices and hope for the best.

How can you possibly know you are making the right choice of entertainer when you don’t even bother to meet them?

meet your dj
What if a vendor doesn’t want to meet?

That is their choice, but it also should be a clear indication to you that they are not that interested in you, just your money. Perhaps they are charging such a low price that they can’t afford to also factor in time to meet, but that is a risk that you run if you choose to accept that. Many couples are still of the mindset of Oh no, I don’t want to meet the DJ, I just want a price!” Well, the GOOD news is that you will find an abundance of DJs happy to not meet you! The BAD news is, you are playing victim to someone that couldn’t really care less if they are the right match for you, they are happy to serve anyone as long as they get their money!

Okay, so what if I do arrange to meet them?

Perfect. Write down a heap of questions you want answered. Research their company. Look carefully though all their website. Seek out reviews about them online. Most of all, when you get to meet them, assess if they feel like the sort of person you would be comfortable being friends with. That’s right … actual friends. Because if they don’t feel like the sort of person you could see yourself becoming friends with … what the hell are they doing at your wedding mingling with your friends and family for? You want to feel comfortable around them and have a great rapport, because on the night of your wedding there would be nothing more awkward than sharing your first dance in front of a person you never met and feel a creepy vibe about!

meet your dj

The take away … Meet the DJ!

It is a simple take away … meet every single person that you are considering to be your entertainer! After all, this is your one special day. You don’t get a second chance at this. Take the time to both do your research and meet the DJ you are considering to be entertaining you and your guests for your wedding day. Are they a member of the DJAA?  If not, why not?

Wishing you all the very best for your wedding day!

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Nik Edser

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Written by Nik Reeds

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