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Why You Should Hire a DJ For a Wedding

by Nik Edser

Ask anyone what the most anticipated part of a wedding is and they are probably going to tell you that it’s being able to hit the dance floor at the reception and party throughout the night. After all, a wedding is a celebration of two people coming together and the reception is the most important and meaningful party of that couple’s life. But every reception comes with a risk, a risk that the entertainment will fall short of high expectation. So let us look at why you should hire a DJ for a wedding, and why this decision will give you the best possible reaction and outcome on your big day.


First of all, we all know how planning a wedding can really add up and before you know it your bank account has lost some serious weight. When you hire a DJ for a wedding versus a band you are able to save money. As bands generally have several people involved to be compensated, the cost goes up. Since a DJ is usually only one person, you’re able to spend less and still have an incredible experience. And bonus, that extra cash you saved can go towards the honeymoon or a down payment on your dream home!


One of the biggest perks you get when you hire a DJ for a wedding is the ability to listen to and dance to all of your favorite songs in their original version. From today’s hits to the classic greats, we all have those tunes we love that make us want to get up and dance when we hear them. A DJ is able to continuously spin a variety of music that caters to everyone at your reception, ensuring that every single person has a fabulous time.


During the reception you’re most likely going to want to have as much space as possible for your guests to have the ability to move around, dance and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, most musical acts and bands are going to take up quite a bit of room at the reception. If you hire a DJ for a wedding you can rest assured knowing that all of your friends and family will be able to have a blast without having to sacrifice a considerable amount of space. This means more room for Uncle Ben to bust a move on that dance floor!


In addition, when you hire a DJ for a wedding you are better able to keep the energy up, the party going and have pleasant, lively interactions with your guests. A DJ is there to ensure that everyone is having a wonderful time by providing one of the most important elements of any party, music. Music is and always has been a significant part of many cultures and traditions and weddings are no exception. Being that about 80% of a wedding is the reception, it is vital that the entertainment is exceptional so that your guests always remember your big day with a smile on their face.


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