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Myth of the Bridezilla

We’ve all heard the term Bridezilla.

Portrayed by the media to be an embodiment of pure destruction wrapped up in the body of a beautiful bride to be. They are brides that exist to cause pain and anguish for all those involved in the wedding; often no one is spared. It is said that they were destined to be a Bridezilla and make life difficult for everyone during the wedding process … This is a grand load of hogwash.

This silly myth that some women are just born to be a Bridezilla is a cliché that has been vastly perpetuated through the media as an easy explanation to volatile situations. To accept this as being a fact is pure laziness. Why? Because it simply isn’t true. No lovely bride to be is born a Bridezilla. But they CAN be made into one.

Bride’s often have huge dreams for their special day. They know exactly what they want. How disappointing it can be then to have people not listening to your wishes and desires.

Unfortunately that is a common thread in the wedding supply industry. Too often is a wedding supplier just out to make a quick buck for providing their service. They disappoint the bride that has given their whole faith and trust in them to deliver big for their special day. This disappointment swells in them and grows which can lead to the phenomenon known as “Bridezilla”. And within minutes everyone will be taking cover and hiding from this created “monster” like the Japanese when Godzilla takes a stroll through town.

At NikNat Entertainment we’ve never met one of these so-called Bridezillas.

We take the time to listen to their desires, and we learn exactly what it’s going to take to turn their wedding day into the storybook-like dream they’ve harboured in them their whole life.  A happy bride makes for a happy wife; which in turn makes for a happy life.  And that’s something every wedding should be leading towards.

A Bridezilla is an avoidable symptom of a disappointed bride. It’s a term that has been propelled into the wedding language as an excuse for a wedding not going smoothly. It’s a term the media wants you to put stock in as it makes them money. And it’s a term we at NikNat Entertainment simply don’t believe in.

So throw your fears of this Bridezilla myth out of the window and give us a call to organise a chat about how your wedding should go. With us at the helm, nuclear warfare won’t be needed to help save the day from a fictional monster, just a listening ear to understand your dreams.  In our opinion the term “Bridezilla” is nothing but a cruel name given to a wonderful woman who is simply disappointed that nobody took the time to listen to her dreams.


Warmest wishes,

Nik Edser

NikNat Entertainment


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