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I saw (on a very popular) wedding tips website suggest that when you have a wedding, you (as the couple getting married) are the wedding host.

This is TERRIBLE advise!

You should NOT be the host. That is the job of your Master of Ceremonies.
They are the one that are being paid by you to take care of hosting and running the night.

You are the ones that shouldn’t have that sort of responsibility.
It’s your day to sit back and enjoy the night.  Not to have the burden of thinking of being a wedding host!

Hiring a professional to take care of all the responsibilities of hosting your night is one of the best decisions you will ever make.
A professional MC will seamlessly work unnoticed in the background to keep everything on time and running smoothly.
They will be there to answer any of your guests, or fellow suppliers questions.
They will have an incredibly detailed understanding of almost every aspect of your wedding, so they are there and ready to make any decisions on your behalf.
They will be there to make your guests feel warmly greeted, welcome and comfortable.

We would love to be your wedding host for your day.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our services.


Nik Reeds