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As we approach the end of another year that has been less than ideal for weddings, we can at least hold onto the hope that 2022 will be better for all those couples wanting to get married in Queensland.

It certainly won’t be all blue skies, in fact it might start off a bit cloudy and a few bumps in the road, but overall things are looking much more positive for couples choosing to tie the knot next year.  With talk that the borders will be opening up, the strong indication there will be no more lock-downs.  It’s great to hear.

That sentiment has certainly been felt in the NikNat office as we are now getting a ton of enquiries for couples choosing to get married in 2022 … and not just weekends, there are a lot of enquiries for week days too!

If you are a couple reading this, and considering that 2022 could be the year you marry the love of your life, our advice is to not leave it too late.  We are not the only wedding vendor getting a lot of enquiries.  So if you leave it too late, you might find you either have to push your year out to 2023, or settle for the vendors that are left as all the good ones have been snapped up by savvy couples.

There are only limited dates left in 2022, so get in quick!


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