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We LOVE What We Do
We Love What We Do

What an amazing life we are living. Each and every day we feel very fortunate to be doing something that we love. We wake up and embrace each day for the exciting adventure it will bring. Answering questions from couples at the beginning of their wedding adventure, meeting couples, helping couples to create the day of their dreams and of course bringing it all together.

There is no greater industry we can think of to be involved in. An industry that is built on love! We see weddings as a celebration of love between two people (notice we say people, not man and woman!). We love helping couples to bring together all the elements that makes for a memorable and amazing day in celebration of the love they share.

We keep in touch with many other DJs, many of whom are amazing and also as repsectful and thoughtful about why they are doing what they are doing. However, there are still some DJs we hear calling the wedding they are doing a “gig”. This is a term we really hate. A wedding day is a very personal, emotional and beautiful thing for each couple and should NEVER be referred to as a “gig”.

To me, the definition of a “gig” is providing DJ services to a local pub on a Friday night where there is very little connection to the crowd and there is little to no personisation of the service provided. It is generic and clinical.

Too many times providers lose sight of why they are doing what they are doing (not only DJs, but all wedding suppliers). They see what they do as a job, and a couples day as “just another wedding”.

NO! It is NEVER “just another wedding”. Not to the couple getting married. To them, it is their one true special day and suppliers need to remember that. We never forget that. Although we have seen hundreds of weddings, to us each and every single wedding is personal and deserving of our upmost respect. The day we stop caring and see a wedding as a job or “just another wedding”, or heaven forbid a “gig” will be the day we know we are no longer serving the best interest of the couple.

If you ever hear a DJ refer to any of the weddings they have peformed at as a “gig” … run for the hills. Your day should NOT be their “gig”.

Wishing you all the very best of everything life has to offer,

Nik Edser

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Written by Nik Reeds

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