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Do all DJs hate each other?
DJs Hate Each Other

DJs hate each other right?

Because DJs hate each other usually every Wednesday night, 10.30pm in a local deserted back alley it’s on!

It’s on like Donkey Kong baby, it’s time for all the DJs to rumble as we bring our weapons and try and destroy each other in the most vicious of ways.  We make fight club look like a day care center.

It is funny how many venues, clients and other wedding professionals have the opinion that all DJs hate each other and that we must all be enemies. After all, we are all in the same profession and we are all seeking the same clients right?

The truth is, that most of us DJs (even in the same area) all get along just fine. I am honoured to call some of my closest friends also my “competition”. Whilst things might have been different 10 years ago, today through efforts of such organisations as the DJAA (DJ Alliance of Australiasia) and collaborative DJs with the right attitude, we have all become friends with each other. I regularly catch up with other DJs in my exact target market and area for lunch or dinner, or just a phone chat.

Here is the thing … on the Gold Coast alone, any given Saturday there is an average of 80 weddings. Now at NikNat Entertainment, currently the maximum number of events we can do is only two. Leaving 78 weddings that we couldn’t provide our service for even if we wanted to. So why dwell on the fact that we can’t be everywhere at once? Nor is every couple going to be the right match for us. Some will have different tastes in music than we are comfortable with. Some will have budgets that won’t be able to afford our service. Still others might just not have the right connection we look for in the couple for us to feel right about being their entertainment for.

So with this amount of weddings, we are happy to have a healthy network of trusted professional DJs we can recommend when we are not available, or don’t feel like the right match for.  In fact, it is not uncommon for me to meet a couple for a consultation meeting about their day and end with me giving someone else’s contact details as I don’t feel like the right match for them. There is no point me taking a booking when I know neither myself nor the client is going to have a good time.

Having said this, there are a very, very few DJs that we have welcomed into our ever expanding circle to enjoy the benefits of networking that have declined our invitations. Perhaps they think we are trying to steal their ideas? Perhaps they just have always been the type to not want to associate with others. Whatever their reason, we are always there ready to welcome them into our ever growing network with open arms.

Another great thing about our network is, should for any unforeseen circumstance any of us be unable to perform at a wedding, we will not let the bridal couple down. We will step up and fulfill to the best of our abilities the role that was to be played by the original DJ.  In fact, this very thing has happened when one of our DJs in our network became badly injured. Rather than having to cancel at the last minute on all his brides, many of our network of DJs rushed in to help and keep his clients happy.

Together, we achieve more.

So, next time you are “shopping around” DJs. Remember one thing, we are not enemies. It’s okay to mention who else you have talked to.  We really don’t care.  In fact, we all encourage you to meet as many of us as you can to find the right match for you and your vision of your day.  So if you still think DJs hate each other, you would be wrong.


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Written by Nik Reeds

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