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Trust Your Professional Wedding DJ
Professional Wedding DJ

So you have hired a professional wedding DJ!

Great. Now our suggestion is to let them do what you are paying them for.

What do I mean? Well, if you have found the cheapest one you could find, then maybe they are not all that professional, but if you paid them a descent amount, they are probably a professional wedding DJ and as such really know what they are doing when it comes to keeping the flow of the night going and transitioning from one vibe to another to take you and your guests on a journey. How do they do that? Well, we have a few different ways of doing it, but the primary tool of the professional wedding DJ is of course music. We use music to move the entire event emotionally from subdued and relaxed, to perhaps a melancholy feeling right through to having people about to bust out of their skins with their bodies full of “groove stuff” ready to bust some funky moves on the dance floor.

The biggest enemy to a professional wedding DJ is the WAY too long “Must Play” list of music. We suggest no more than around 20 or so “must play” songs. Why? Well, let’s consider this …

Each song most people put on the must play song lists are usually upbeat songs for dance time, factor in that each song goes for around 4 minutes each and even at only 20 songs that is already 1 hour and 20 minutes of songs that have taken up your dance floor time. (Most weddings typically only see about 2 hours or so of dance floor time by the time dinner and speeches are done).  This really leaves very little time for the DJ to actually do what you have paid them to do.

We have been given extensive lists of music in the past and told that every song absolutely must be played. When I calculated the amount of time in the playlist it came to over 2 days! That is a lot of music to cram into a 5 hour reception!

We love to listen to you and get a great understanding and idea of the styles of music you like but more importantly we need to know what music you don’t like. Once we get this sort of basic understanding, we can then weave our magic and play music that will pleasantly surprise you and it will be much more relaxing for you to leave the selection of all the music in our hands. You have enough to organise, the last thing you want to do is come up with a playlist for us.

The only key songs we really need to know are for the crucial events of the night – ie. Bridal dance, father daughter dance, cake cutting etc. Other than that, we chat with you and get a great idea at our meetings your personality and style to fill in the blanks.

Relax, hire a professional wedding DJ and let them do what they do!

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Written by Nik Reeds

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