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Intimate Weddings – Why entertainment is even MORE important
Wedding music

If you are having a small, intimate wedding with only a few guests, it is even MORE important than ever to carefully choose the right entertainment.


Many couples make the mistake of thinking ‘I am only have a handful of people, so just a Spotify playlist will do’.  

Or, they just shop around for the cheapest price they can find for a wedding DJ, not seeing the point in spending too much if there are only a few people.

This is not a good idea.

Speaking from experience, I have performed at weddings as large as over 200 people and the smallest wedding I have done was only 8 people (including the bride and groom!).  Even though there were only 8 people, there was just as much fun had as the ones with 100 or more people. In fact, probably even a little more.

Here is why it works …

Because I actively engage with the guests, work with them and help them to have a great time. The wedding with only 8 people saw all 8 people on the dance floor all night. The irony is, working with a larger base of guests is easier as there is always a few people who will enjoy whatever music is playing and probably dance, but when you only have a few people, there needs to be a greater attention to detail and care about what is working.

Making the mistake of having a playlist pre-created and playing off a phone does not create a very good atmosphere and is very clinical and cold. Having an inexperienced performer is just as bad as they won’t know how to engage with the few people that are there. It is through experience and continuous learning and self-development I have acquired the skills to entertain all sizes of audiences.

The bottom line …

So the bottom line is – It’s your special day. Regardless of how many people are there to celebrate with you, it is still a celebration and required quality entertainment. If you had a guest list of 100 people and 10 people left because they were not enjoying the entertainment, you wouldn’t really notice the difference, but contrast that with a small number of people and it makes a huge difference and is very noticable.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a small intimate wedding is any less important or special than one with hundreds of guests.

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Written by Nik Reeds

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