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Finding the Best Wedding DJ

Tips to finding the best wedding DJ …

So you’ve decided that you want to book a DJ for your wedding. Making your decision on the type of entertainment you want for your special occasion is the easy part. Now you need to go on the hunt for a DJ to play your wedding. You could go cheap and hire any DJ to spin for the evening. After all, your cousin has a friend that is learning to DJ.

What could go wrong?

Without making sure you’ve hired the best wedding DJ for your day, there is actually a lot that could go wrong! Let’s look at this further. The majority of your time should be spent having fun and mingling with your guests whilst breaking it down on the dance floor, not keeping a keen eye on an inexperienced DJ making sure he doesn’t goof off.

Inexperienced DJs are often looking out for just one person’s entertainment, and that is their own. They want to gain some experience whilst having fun with little to naught care for how you want your wedding day to go. You may have saved some money on the entertainment, but at what price did that really come? No couple wants an easily avoidable blemish on their perfect day. So of course, for a once in a lifetime event you are going to want to be sure to book an experienced professional DJ. You want the best wedding DJ your money can buy!

So what else should you avoid?

Standard club DJs, studio DJs and hobby DJs can provide some top quality music and make for a great night of entertainment. But should you trust these DJs with something as special as your wedding? The answer there is a loud unmistakable “NO”. Yes, they may be professionals that know exactly what they’re doing. But you have no guarantee that they know how to read a wedding crowd. If you want the assurance that you’ll have the best wedding DJ for your evening you simply must look to a specialist.

What is a wedding DJ specialist?

A wedding DJ specialist is a DJ that exclusively plays weddings. They’ve taken their passion for music and their enjoyment of weddings, and they’ve fused them together in order to create an experience like no other. By only concentrating on weddings, they can then craft their disc spinning into a beautiful masterpiece designed to ensure your night is a memorable one. Knowing what music works best at what time, and how to implement any requests into the setlist is what makes a specialist the best wedding DJ for the night of your life.

Now how do you find the best wedding DJ for you?

Well a good way to start is by searching for the most recent award recipients in the Australian Bridal Industry Awards. All the winners of these awards represent the best that the Australian wedding industry has to offer. You can’t go wrong by booking an award recipient that is nationally recognised as being the best wedding DJ our country has to offer.

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