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What Nobody Else Will Tell You …
Bored Wedding Guest

Here’s a secret nobody else is telling you …

The truth is, out of all your guest list, you have a number that are not REALLY looking forward to your wedding!
Yes, it’s true.

Think about it … have YOU ever been to a wedding that you went to but weren’t really looking forward to?
You probably have. You know the ones. The ones where you are not really that close to the couple, but feel that you probably should attend so you don’t hurt their feelings.

Everyone else around you (other vendors included) will be telling you that everyone is looking forward to your day and it’s going to be amazing.
But are they?  And is it?

What if some of your guests (like you when you went to those weddings you weren’t truly looking forward to) are just there because they feel they probably should be?

The problem is that most people have been to weddings before. They know what to expect and it is usually the same thing. Like a “cut-copy-paste” formula. So they arrive expecting your wedding to be just like the others.

But what if it’s not?

What if they leave saying “That was the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding!”?
“That’s the BEST wedding I’ve ever been to!”

At NikNat Entertainment, we don’t work by a “cut-copy-paste” formula.

We don’t DO “standard” weddings.
(We don’t even have a standard pricelist!)

We strive to do AMAZING weddings.

In fact, most of our work comes from referrals and guests that have already seen what we do at other friends weddings and want their wedding to be next level too.

Guests at our weddings tell us (or the couple) that they had a great time and talk about it to everyone.

What do YOU want your wedding guests to say to their fellow work colleagues when they go back to work on Monday when they get asked how the wedding was?

If you want them to tell everyone they had a fantastic time and so much fun, let’s chat about how we take what people expect to something unexpected and a ton of fun.

An amazing wedding takes the commitment and care of a wedding entertainment team that will work with you and listen to your vision and then not only give what your guests expected, but to take them by surprise at how much fun a wedding can actually be.

If you are looking for a boring DJ that stands in the corner and plays tunes, that’s not us.

Don’t bore your guests … excite them and have them raving about your wedding!

Check out this review from the venue owner of Bracknell Lodge ..

“Absolutely outstanding! In all our years of owning a dry hire venue we have seen the lot! NikNat Entertainment by far met the highest measure of professionalism, laughter, entertainment and fun music that we have ever seen! Our happy couple & guests could not say enough about how brilliant the entertainment was and we can’t wait to have you back!
Thank you for making their day really special.”
– Rebecca Lee Knudsen

Here is another great review from a wedding planner …

“I’ve attended many weddings both as a guest and a vendor with NikNat Entertainment and I am always blown away by the attention to detail, skill and quality of everything these guys do! Highly recommend!”
– Teila-Anne Butler

And this one from a guest at a wedding that left a review …

“Best musician /DJ / MC I have seen at a friends wedding, would definitely book for any event needing one.”
– Laura Setchell

Wouldn’t YOU like to see people writing reviews like this about YOUR wedding?

If you head to our Google listing or Facebook page you can see plenty more reviews just like these as well as tons from couples themselves.

We hope to chat with you soon!


Nik & Natalie Reeds

Let us send you more information …

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