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Wedding Music – The Soundtrack To Your Special Day!
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Wedding music is often one of the last things that couples tend to think about, yet is probably one of the single most important elements to a successful wedding day.

When you think about your entire day, music plays such a vital part.  There is music playing as your guests arrive for the ceremony to “set the mood”.  There is of course music playing as you walk down the aisle.  The music takes a short break whilst your celebrant performs the ceremony, but soon starts up again for the signing of the registry.  The wedding music then hits a joyful crescendo as you walk back down the aisle having just been announced as husband and wife.

Following this, most couples choose to have music to provide some atmosphere and entertainment for their guests whilst enjoying canapes and mixing and mingling before making their way to the reception.

Music is playing as guests arrive to the reception venue to again help to set the right mood as they anxiously await the arrival of the bride and groom and their bridal party.  When the bridal party arrives, the music again hits a splendorous high to add to the energy and excitement as the stars of the show (the bride and groom) enter the room.  Following this, music again is used to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere as friends and family enjoy each others company and a fine meal.

The music will be there to support the beauty and importance of the cake cutting and will only take a short break during the speeches of the evening.  Following meals, the wedding music really comes into it’s own as it becomes the main focus of the event.  It’s time for dancing.  Without the music, the bridal dance would not be happening.  Without the music, guests would not get up and dance.  It is the music (delivered by a professional that knows what to play and when to play it), that keeps your guests from simply eating and leaving.

The power of music indeed can make or break a wedding day. Music makes up approximately 90% of your entire day.  This is why it is so crucial to invest the required time and money in choosing someone that knows what they are doing.  They need to ensure they are playing music that you enjoy, as well as music the guests will enjoy.  A wedding music professional will be able to quickly assess your guests to make a great choice that will have them enjoying themselves.

NikNat Entertainment provides high-quality, multi-award-winning wedding entertainment solutions.  We would love to talk to you about our wedding DJs and other options available.

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Nik Edser
Entertainment Director

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