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Wedding DJ Hire
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Wedding DJ Hire

by Nik Edser

When it comes to your special day, choosing the right wedding DJ hire company can be confusing.  They all might initially seem on equal footing, but are they really?  In this article we will look at some of the points you might want to take into consideration when it comes to making a safe decision.  We know that we get many couples visiting our site from all over the world, so we are not going to insult you by simply telling you that we are the best so just choose us!  Instead, we will be arming you with some great general information that you can use where ever you might be choosing your wedding DJ hire.

Wedding DJ Hire – The Questions YOU Should Be Asking …

1. Do you do other functions, or just weddings?
Why is this important?  Because you want to ensure you are dealing with true professionals in the industry.  Don’t get us wrong, we know many companies that do all sorts of functions and are still doing weddings just fine.  However, we also know of many companies that unfortunately spread themselves way too thin by trying to be everything to everyone.  Worse still is the companies that treat a wedding just like any other function.  A wedding is a very special day and requires attention to detail.  Sure people want a good DJ at any event, but to us it seems that a quality DJ is much more important at an event as meaningful and special as a wedding than at at a 21st birthday party.  
2. Do you have any venues that I could speak to about your work?
If the wedding DJ hire company is a regular at a venue, this can be a good sign.  This of course depends on the quality of the venue too!  But if they are the preferred suppliers to an established and well regarded wedding venue it might be a strong sign they are doing something right.  If the venue is a frequent award winning venue for their wedding services, they are going to drop very quickly any of their suppliers that might not be up to a high standard.  Even though you might not be having your event at this particular venue, it’s worth while speaking to them about their DJ and if they recommend them to verify the DJ’s statement.
3. Do you have any testimonials from previous couples?
This is important.  It’s good to see positive feedback from other couples.  Better still, ask them if they would know of a couple that wouldn’t mind chatting to you about how the DJ was for their special day.
4. Are you a member of any professional DJ association or wedding association?
If a DJ is serious about their craft, they should be a member of a professional association.  Here is Australia, the highest regarded wedding industry association is the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA). Membership to this academy is open to everyone but just by being a member it shows that the DJ is at least serious about their chosen craft.  Of course, you can go onto the ABIA website and check their membership and also their most recent rating out of 100%.

Wedding DJ Hire – The Questions You SHOULDN’T Ask …

1. Where can I see you work?
If the DJ is a professional wedding DJ and this is all they do, it follows that it would be very unprofessional of them to invite you to come and see him/her work at someone else’s wedding!  Put the shoe on the other foot, if you hired a DJ and they invited people to come and inspect his/her work at YOUR wedding how would you feel?  

2. Do you have a demo?
In fact, if the DJ DOES have a demo, I would say this is NOT a good DJ for your wedding.  Why? Because you are hiring a wedding DJ, not a nightclub DJ. Demo mixes are the realm of nightclub DJs trying to demonstrate their skills of beat-matching and beat-mixing.  Whilst many wedding DJs can do this (and we do here at NikNat Entertainment), it is not something that is done all night.  What exactly are you hoping to hear on a demo CD from a wedding DJ?  A wedding DJ’s magic is in reading the crowd and playing the right song at the right time to suit the mood for you and your guests and not on showing off mixing skills.  In fact, when a nightclub DJ who might be absolutely brilliant in a nightclub is put into a wedding setting, they are lost and the guests are very disappointed he/she won’t play standard songs without mixing them to a point of being far too different than the expected song.

We hope this article has helped you to think about some of the things you need to consider when doing your research for wedding DJ hire companies.  There are certainly a lot of options out there.  If you are getting married here in Australia, we welcome you to contact us to chat about your special day.  Whilst we are based in South East Queensland, we do (and have) flown interstate for weddings to couples that insisted on our wedding DJ hire service for their special day!

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