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The #1 Mistake Most Couples Make
Choosing Wedding Suppliers

Do you want your wedding day to be awesome? Of course you do! There is a vital key we are going to share in this article to help ensure your day is everything you dreamed it would be. We are going to share with you the single biggest mistake (according to independent surveys and research) couples make on their wedding day.

This is awesome because you can learn from their mistakes so that you don’t fall into the same trap. Let the mistakes of those that have gone before you be your saving grace.

So, first, let’s look at the data we have and break it down.

In a massive survey done by Bride & Groom magazine, they discovered …

  •  72% of all couples said they should have spent more time choosing their entertainment.
  •  Before the wedding day, couples had entertainment placed in the lowest priorities. The dress, attire, venue and catering was the highest priorities. When asked for their opinion only one week after the wedding, 78% of couples said they should have made entertainment their highest priority.
  •  81% of all guests surveyed said the thing they remember the most from the wedding was the entertainment.

Okay, so … entertainment maybe very important. Maybe more important that you had considered, but either way, just being armed with this knowledge is just the first step towards ensuring your day is AMAZING!

Make Your Wedding Awesome

Here is the REAL key and secret to finding the right entertainment option for you …

Remember … you are hiring a person, not a product!

This might sound obvious, but so many couples make the mistake of shopping around online, maybe reading some reviews and then making a decision without actually meeting the entertainer personally. They make the mistake of thinking of the entertainer as just speakers, lights and music. But an entertainer is so much more.

Most couples will take the time to meet their cake maker. But here is the thing … your cake maker probably isn’t coming to the wedding! Only their cake is. Most couples meet the florist, but again, it is unlikely your florist is coming to your wedding. Only their flowers are.

When you hire your entertainment, sure they will be providing lights, speakers and music, but they are also providing themselves. THEY are actually coming to your wedding. They will be interacting with your guests. They will be an integral part of the success of getting everyone having a great time, or of keeping people away from the dance floor because they are not friendly and approachable.

Shift your thinking away from an entertainer being music and instead think of their personality. Are they a good match? Your cake maker and florist’s personality could be terrible, but it doesn’t really matter because you are only buying their “product”, not them. When you hire entertainment, 80% of what you are hiring is the “person” and NOT the music.

This is why we think it is absolutely essential to meet every single person you are considering to be your entertainer. Shopping online and booking without meeting them is a recipie for potential disaster. Don’t make that mistake. Meet and interview everyone you are considering to fulfil this very important role.

We hope this article has been of some help and has inspired you to shift your thinking away from an entertainer being their “stuff” and more towards them being a “personality” that you are working with.

Warmest wishes,

Nik Edser

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Written by Nik Reeds

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