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On Saturday I did a very fun wedding.

The couple, during one of our planning meetings told me they hadn’t chosen their centrepieces yet for the tables. I suggested something I have done before, which worked out really well. What was the idea?



Yes, forget it.

What value does it really add to the day?

Some are poorly designed and high enough to cut conversation to the other side of the table as you are trying to look around a centrepiece, others look fine but … what are they really doing other than sitting there looking pretty?

I suggested, instead of having centrepieces, why not head to a cheap discount shop and buy a range of table games. One for each table to play to get some interaction happening.

Our couple bought a different game for each table and had them wrapped like gifts for each table with a tag with “OPEN ME” written on it for guests to open.

The reaction from guests and even the venue staff was incredible.  The games were a real hit as everyone had a great time and broke the ice with each other over these games.  People were swapping games from table to table.  This is something a traditional centrepiece would NOT achieve.

We are not talking expensive games either.  Go to one of those cheap discount shops and pick up the knock off versions of games like Connect 4, Jenga, Kerplunk … the sort of games people can play quickly without learning rules (or thinking too much) and enjoy a drink and chat at the same time.  Games like Chess wouldn’t be great because it involves too much thought (besides it is only for 2 players anyway).

We hope this idea might inspire you to think about your centrepieces and if you might also like to make things a little different for your day.


Nik Reeds