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It’s About Talent … Not Toys
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When it comes to your special day and keeping your guests having a great time, it comes down to the talent of the DJ and not the amount of toys he or she has.  All too often we see DJs and clients making poor decisions by concentrating their focus on the amount of equipment rather than the talent behind all that equipment.  A DJ might be able to say they will bring 24 lights around the room, lasers, smoke machines, massive sub-woofers … the list is almost endless but if they are playing the wrong music (or just have a terrible attitude) no amount of lights will impress your guests enough to stay.

We certainly have the gear to be able to provide all this if that is what our client wants, but we tend to focus more on small, clean and unobtrusive DJ installations and have a very high focus on quality and the talent of our staff.  We still bring lights and make the venue look great, but we don’t rely on this as our crutch to make up for a lack of talent.

We believe that careful selection of the music and our skills of “reading the crowd” to quickly ascertain which song would work well next to be insurmountably more important in keeping everyone having a great time than lighting, effects and deafening sound systems.  People love to hear the music that will keep them dancing.  People love to hear music that flows in a meaningful way from one genre to another.  Even if there are NO lights or effects at all, people will still dance.

Imagine this scenario …

There are two DJs.  Both DJs have an unfortunate night in that parts of their equipment break down (and being unprofessional they didn’t bring back ups).  The first DJ has all his lighting fail, but his sound is okay.  People are in the dark and it doesn’t look that pretty but people keep dancing because he is playing great tunes.

Meanwhile, the second DJ has all his sound equipment fail but his lights are still okay.  Do you think people will keep dancing without music?

Music is THE element that keeps people dancing.

Remember, when you are hiring a DJ for your special day.  Look for talent … not toys.

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