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When almost ANY couple are asked the question … “What do you really want from your wedding day?”

Almost every time the answer is the same … “I just want everyone to have a good time!”.

This makes complete sense. Of course you do!
It’s not like you are having your wedding around a random selection of people that just happen to be there at the same time as you!

No, you  have carefully and painstakingly selected the people that you want there to share you celebration of love with.
And let’s be honest, it really IS a celebration of love. The ceremony is where you exchange your vows and commitment to each other in front of your friends and family and everything after that is a celebration.

A celebration without good entertainment is really just an overpriced dinner party with friends and family where everyone leaves shortly after the meal!

So, if the main thing that you want from your wedding day is for everyone to have a “good time”, let’s break that down. What actually gives people a “good time” when it comes to your wedding day?

Is it the flowers?

brides boquet

Has anyone left a wedding and said the flowers were the highlight and gave them a “good time”?

Probably not.

We even did a wedding where the florist didn’t turn up!

Guess what?

Everyone STILL had a good time. They danced the night away and had the time of their lives.

Now, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t have flowers!  They ARE an important part of the day, but is your real prime concern is that everyone has a good time, the flowers are probably not what you should be focusing on mostly.

Maybe it’s the styling?

wedding stlying

Styling certainly makes a room come to life. It really sets the tone and the mood of the room. However, does it actually give anyone a “good time”?

No. It doesn’t. It looks great and is something you should definitely look at to make your reception look the way you want it to look, but we have done a wedding with no styling at all. No table clothes, no centre pieces and everyone still had a great time.

As much as styling looks beautiful, after everyone has been in the room for 10 minutes, it’s just part of the scenery.

Again, if everyone having a good time is the most important thing for your wedding, it’s worthwhile questioning how much time you are spending on the styling if you don’t feel it’s going to give people your desired outcome.

Then it must be the cake right?

Maybe? I guess if your guests are really into cake then it could be something that has everyone saying they had a great time because of it. However, in most weddings I have seen, sadly not a lot of people eat the cake. They have been enjoying a few drinks and I know I really don’t feel like a piece of cake after having a beer!

Again, if you don’t think the cake is going to give people a good time, don’t spend too much time on the cake.

So what DOES give people a good time?


People WANT to be entertained. People WANT to have a “good time” and entertainment is the most crucial component of a wedding that actually gives people that great time.

Without quality entertainment, people will just eat and leave.

Invest in the time it takes to research entertainment alternatives.

Meet with entertainers.

Read their reviews.

Time spent in researching entertainment will pay dividends beyond measure for your special day and your desired outcome of everyone having a great time.

What if you don’t want to meet entertainers?

That’s a risk you take.

How do you know the person you are hiring is the right fit if you DON’T meet them?

Even if they have great reviews, what is the right match for someone else might be a mis-match for you.

Here is the irony …

Almost every couple are keen to meet the florist.

They are keen to meet the stylist.

They are keen to meet the cake maker.

However, consider this …

Your florist, cake maker and stylist don’t stay at your wedding. They just drop their products off and go again.
However, your entertainer IS staying at your event. They are there and interacting with you and your guests.

Why WOULDN’T you want to meet that person?

Remember, when you are hiring an entertainer, you are not just hiring lights and speakers.

You are hiring a person.  You need to make sure that person is a match for you and that you feel comfortable having them come to your wedding.


We hope this article has helped to inspire you to question what is important on your wedding day and to take the time to research before blindly booking someone to take the important role as your entertainer.

Warmest wishes,

Nik Edser