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DJ Refuses To Do Weddings

Well … good!

At least he has learnt his place!

In an article posted on examiner.com (you can find the original article here) a DJ named Jon Gosselin (who seems to be a TV star) states that he avoids weddings because brides get angry with him.  It is sad that he even took the weddings in the first place if he is not suitable for weddings.  The blame does not fully fall on his shoulders though either, the couple that booked him should have at least taken the time to learn more about him before hiring him for their one special day they will remember for the rest of their lives!

This is not to say that this DJ is not a good DJ.  In the right environment, he is probably amazing.  Put this man in a nightclub and he probably would have the place pumping.  But, a wedding is not a night club and this DJ has learned this the hard way by having brides angry at him.  Reading the article still makes me wonder if he actually understands that point, or if he just thinks it is the weddings that are full of angry brides.

This is why it is so very important to get to know exactly who you have chosen for your special day to take care of the music.  This story above should be a very clear indication that a DJ is not a DJ.  There is a massive difference between a wedding DJ and a DJ that is better suited to a nightclub or 21st birthday party.

It still shocks me how many brides call and just want a price and to book over the phone without meeting us. Considering that a DJ is the one single factor that can completely ruin your day, wouldn’t you think a lot more care was taken in choosing the right one?  I am amazed at the number of bridal couples who insist in meeting just about every supplier from cake maker, car hire staff, decorator (and the list goes on), but couldn’t be bothered in meeting the DJ!

Putting everything in perspective, if a bride didn’t meet the cake maker and things didn’t turn out so well, it would be disappointing but would not bring the entire wedding reception to a point that makes everyone just want to leave.  A DJ can definitely do that!  A bad DJ will have everyone eager to get out the door as quickly as they can.


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