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Myself and Nat would like to extend a massive thank you to all those who supported the petition and movement to state government for the return of dancing at weddings!

From the 1st of November (as long as there is no community transmission), up to 40 people will be allowed to dance at weddings in Queensland.  Then from the 1st of December (again pending community transmission), it will be unlimited dancing at weddings.

Thanks to the Queensland State Government for giving us a guide line and road map to recovery.

A huge thank you to all the supporters who signed the petition.
Thanks to the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) for all your efforts also in making this happen.
Thanks to the ABC for covering the story.
Thanks to Network TEN, the Project for covering the story.
Thanks to the multiple news media outlets, not only in Australia but across the world for covering the story.

Let’s keep safe.  Let’s continue to practice good social distancing and hygiene measures so that as of November 1, we can have a return to dancing at weddings.


Nik & Natalie
NikNat Entertainment