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Can you sue a Wedding DJ?

Why is this even a question? But it is sadly the 2nd most commonly searched for term on the internet after the usual ones like –

“How much is a wedding DJ?”

“What does a wedding DJ cost?”

“What price is a wedding DJ”

Not surprising that these are the most common questions being searched for. Everyone wants to know the price after all, but price should not be the ONLY question you are asking.

Can you sue a wedding DJ? The video …

It is so disappointing to see that there are NO OTHER QUESTIONS being searched for.

It goes straight from “what’s the price” to “how do I sue them!”

That means one thing. People are shopping on price alone. They get the cheapest price they can find then find that there was a reason they were so cheap and want to sue them.

Here are some better questions you might want to ask (along with the price question).

“What makes you different to everyone else?”

“What exactly do I get for my money with you?”

“Do you have any testimonials I can see?”

“Do I get a written contract if I book your services?”

“How do you involve my guests to keep the night fun?”

“Do you have a guarantee?”

“How do you dress for a wedding?”

“What time do you arrive?”

“Do you have a backup plan if your equipment fails?”

These are just SOME of the ideas you could be asking along side the price issue.
Price only becomes an issue once everything else is equal. Comparing an entertainer that turns up 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time, interacts with your guests to make them feel welcome, dresses in a suit and tie, carefully curates and assesses the music to ensure it is creating the atmosphere at the right time and all the other elements that makes a great entertainer is going to cost significantly more than someone that turns up just on time (or late), dresses in a t-shirt and jeans and stands in the corner and avoids interacting with guests.

Be aware that not all DJs are the same.

It’s your one special day.

Do your research. Look for reviews on the internet. What are other people saying about them?
Check Google reviews and Facebook reviews.
Are they a member of ABIA? If so, what are the reviews there like?
Check with your venue. Have they had any experience with them in the past?
Ask you photographer if they have worked with them in the past and what their experience has been.

Don’t be that person that has to search “can you sue a wedding DJ?”.


Nik Edser

P.S. – Special thanks to Glenn from G&M Events Group for joining me on the video above.