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Weddings are a special celebration and why should the children have to miss out?
If you want to invite children to your wedding, we suggest considering our following tips in
order to make the day enjoyable and fun for everyone…

Girl Blowing Bubbles at Wedding
1- Choose the correct Venue
If you know in advance there will be kids attending your
Wedding, take this into account when choosing a venue. Some
things to remember are – does the venue have plenty of space
for kids to run around? Is the venue safe? Does it cater for kids
who require a highchair? Does the venue offer a kid friendly

Some people like to have the kids there for the ceremony but
not the reception, if this is the case, is there accommodation on
site or nearby so it’s easy to take them back in between?

2- Suitable Activities for the Kids
Planning in advance is the key to ensure that there are some fun
and age-related activities for the kids! This may be with some
outdoor games and activities (Jenga, lawn bowls, hopscotch), an
arts & craft table, indoor board games and for the younger
guests some suitable toys to play with. Bubbles are always a great

3- Set Up a Kids Table
This is the perfect idea when you have a few older kids attending
the Wedding. Kids will have a great time sitting altogether and you
can even include kid specific activities on the table to keep them
entertained throughout the reception. Most venues also cater
with a specific kids menu.4- Have a Quiet/Rest Area for the Kids
Weddings can be a long day, so it can be a good idea to have a
quiet area for kids to be able to rest if needed, especially for the
younger ones. This could even be a simple corner set up with some
large cushions, books, kids tee pee etc.

5- Hire a Professional Babysitting Company
Planning a wedding is a lot of work so why not let Coastal Babysitters
take the worry off your hands and make sure the kids are cared
for and entertained on your special day.

No one wants to be changing nappies in a
wedding dress and family want to enjoy the special day without
having to look after the children.

After all, your wedding day is all about YOU!

Kids Playing at Wedding
Written by Orly Muscat
Orly is the owner and director of Coastal Babysitters, who have specialist wedding sitters. She
connects families to Gold Coast Babysitters, Brisbane Babysitters and Byron Baby Babysitters