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Right now, as we write this, we are VERY fortunate in Queensland to have no COVID-19 problems.

Having said that, we all know it can and could change overnight.

All it takes is one case to spread and we could be back to where we were this time last year and see a massive influx of people wanting to understandably postpone their weddings.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed, hands sanitised and social distance to see it though 2021 with a year full of amazing weddings.

Perhaps the vaccine will see this year clear of event cancellations, but at the time of writing this … it’s still some time away from being rolled out.  (Not only that, but a lot of people understandably still have concerns over a vaccination rolled out this quickly).

So what does that mean for couples getting married this year?

Well, it’s best to remain optimistic and proceed full steam ahead and trust that we will continue to enjoy a relatively COVID free world in our corner of the Earth.

2020 certainly saw a lot of challenges and of course sadly way too many deaths.  Again, here in Australia we are fortunate to not be losing people to COVID right now, but overseas is a different story.  2020 saw a lot of businesses fold and for them we feel sorry.  Fortunately, we saw it though and are still here ready to celebrate many great weddings this year.

Personally, we think that this year will see the planet, perhaps not eliminate, but at least break the back of this pandemic so that 2022 will be even brighter than this year.

Let’s hope that this is true and that we never have to see another pandemic like this.

We look forward to 2021 being a year full of amazing weddings packed with the fun we provide.


Nik & Natalie