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Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings – What You Need To Know …

by Nik Edser

Winter weddings are definitely not as popular as weddings during the warmer months, however in this article we hope to give you some information with the pros and cons of choosing to get married in winter.  We hope this information will arm you with some things to think about to make the best decision for your special day.

Winter Weddings – Location, Location, Location …

Winter weddings in very cold climates will be much more extreme (obviously) than in the warmer climates.  Here on the Gold Coast of Australia, we are quite fortunate to only experience mild winters.  Temperatures seldom fall into the single digits (centigrade) here in this beautiful corner of the earth.  However, if you are looking at having your wedding in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, this is a different matter as the altitude makes it much cooler.

Winter days are quite bearable on the Gold Coast and locals will often be seen wearing only shorts and T-shirts even in the middle of winter.  We tend to only experience a handful of cold days when we require to really “rug up”.  Nights naturally are a lot cooler though, so wearing warmer clothing during the night is required.

So, if you are having a wedding in winter, think about the night time and where your reception will be held.  Is it nice and warm or cold and drafty?  Think about what your bridal party and guests will be wearing.  During winter, men are usually fine as they will often be wearing suits to keep them warm however women often wear dresses that offer little (if anything) in the way of protection from the cold.  Ensure the women invited bring something to wear between photos and afterwards.

Winter Weddings – The Pros & Cons


  • Sometimes you can arrange a discount on some items as this is the season “slow time” and some businesses will be eager for your business.
  • Make-up will be great in winter as it won’t have the tendency to run like it does under the hot sun.
  • Photos will look fantastic as the issue of “shine” and sweat beading from people’s faces will not be an issue.


  • Obviously the discomfort of the cold (if not planned for correctly)
  • Guests might need a little more encouragement to attend.
  • Winters can tend to get wet and windy, if this happens it becomes uncomfortable.
  • Less hours of sunlight, so daylight photos opportunities are more limited.

We hope this article has given you some useful information to consider about winter weddings. We love weddings in all seasons and wish you the very best with your wedding no matter what season you choose to celebrate your special day.

Warmest regards,

Nik Edser

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