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Many times couples are torn between choosing a DJ or a live musician for their wedding.
So which one is best?

It’s a good question and both have positive aspects and negative aspects. A DJ will have the ability to provide the music you know and love just the way you expect to hear it as they will be playing the actual song, whereas a live musician will only be able to play their version of that same song.  But perhaps their version is more interesting if they have reworked it to be unique.

A DJ typically will require less space than a live musician and definitely less than a band. A DJ will also typically be set-up faster than a musician.

A DJ will have at their fingertips a much wider range of music to select from than a musician.

But what about the atmosphere being created?

Currently, as I write this, we are living in a COVID restricted world and dancing is not currently permitted.  Taking this into account, a live musician is much more visually interesting to watch over a DJ.  This may not ALWAYS be the case as there are some DJs that are much more interactive and animated than others, but as a general rule of thumb most people would prefer to watch a musician creating music before their eyes over someone simply playing the music that has been pre-recorded.

From an atmosphere point of view, a live musician will create a “warmer” and more interesting atmosphere.

Of course, there are bad live musicians just as much as there are bad DJs, so it’s important that you have had a chance to hear how the live musician sounds before booking them to ensure that you like their sound.  For example, there are artists that I know that some people absolutely love the voice of, but others don’t enjoy their voice at all.  It’s a personal choice that you need to be happy with.

The ultimate solution is to not to have to make a decision between the both of them but to have them both!

This may not be affordable to everyone, but this way you are able to take the strengths of both options to create an incredible event.

At NikNat Entertainment, our couples almost always choose to have us provide both options as I am both a live musician and a DJ.  This also helps to keep the cost down as I provide both services rather than paying two individual performers.

We would love the opportunity of chatting with you about how we can provide our live music and DJ services for you for your wedding.

Warmest wishes,

Nik Edser