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What Does a Master of Ceremonies Do?

Many wedding couples will frequently choose to have a family friend or member fulfil the role of Master of Ceremonies.  This role is perhaps the single most misunderstood role when it comes to weddings.  Many couples pick the person they think would be the funniest person.  This could be the biggest mistake ever.  We have seen way too many weddings ruined by people that take this role and use it as their “15 minutes of fame” opportunity.  This is NOT the time for the MC to shine or try out his or her “material”.  It is not a stand-up comedy show.  It is a wedding and the only stars of the show should be the bride and groom.

The other type of person often chosen is the person that has had a lot of experience in speaking in front of others.  Whilst this might be a slightly better choice than the “funny guy” persona, the fact that one can speak in front of a crowd does not make one a Master of Ceremonies.  This would be akin to assuming just because someone is used to driving a lot (maybe a taxi driver), then they would be a great choice to become a professional race-car driver.  They are completely different tasks.  Whilst it is true that a good Master of Ceremonies should not have a fear of public speaking, this is not enough.  A professional Master of Ceremonies should also be very well versed in the traditions and running of a wedding.

It is not very well known, but a Master of Ceremonies acts on behalf of the Bride & Groom and is the personal representative of them and their parents for the venue and all the suppliers involved.  The Master of Ceremonies is responsible for working in closely with the venue and the caterers in keeping things on track with the time line.  He or she is also responsible for ensuring the photographer is informed and present when important things such as the cutting of the cake is about to take place.  (The amount of times I have witnessed a family member acting in this role completely forgetting to ensure the photographer is ready, only to have the cake cutting take place without the photographer!).  A good Master of Ceremonies ensures everyone that needs to be present is present.

When it comes to your special day, we strongly suggest letting us perform this very important role.  This also has the added benefit of allowing all your family and friends to relax and enjoy being guests at your wedding.  If they are performing the role of Master of Ceremonies correctly, they won’t have time to relax as they will be constantly bouncing between suppliers and yourselves to keep things on track.

We have staff that has been personally trained by the man many people consider to be the best Master of Ceremonies in the world, Mr. Mark Ferrell.  Mark is well known across the world by wedding industry professionals everywhere.  You can reap the benefits of the training from the best in the world at your own wedding for only a small extra investment.

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