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The Post COVID-19 Crisis Wedding Landscape
Post COVID-19 Wedding

At the time of writing this, Australia has fared very well compared to many other countries in the handling of the corona-virus pandemic. However, we still have restrictions on many things and events are certainly one of the major things that are still suffering.

What will events look like in the month (and perhaps years) to come if we don’t find a vaccine for COVID-19?

How will social distancing effect the dance floor?

Who is responsible for policing social distancing on the dance floor?

Will people even WANT to dance if they have to constantly remember to be 1.5 metres away from the nearest person?

So many questions, so few answers at the moment.

So, what IF the future of weddings means that the dance floor requires everyone to stay apart?
This could mean that the dance floor may be less inviting for guests, so potentially the dance floor may no longer be the entertainment draw it once was.

If you are planning on everyone having a good time because they are dancing, you might want to start thinking about what else might provide that fun element.

We have …

In fact, we have for a long time (long before COVID-19).

We have realised that dancing is not for everyone.

Some guests may have mobility impairment or physical conditions which means they won’t be on the dance floor much (if at all). For others, they are just not the “dancing” type.

What keeps those guests entertained?

Unfortunately, a lot of DJs seem to have the opinion that their job is to play music and get people dancing. If people don’t dance, that’s not their fault. They take no responsibility.

This is not a great attitude to have and can result in a very disappointing event outcome for couples and their wedding guests.

We have always considered our service as “entertainment” not just a “DJ service”.

As such, we have always understood that we are being employed and entrusted with entertaining guests, which opens up the view to being more than just someone that plays music and stands in the corner.

We have always considered those people that don’t or can’t dance and questioned what it would take for them to leave a wedding still saying they had an amazing time and felt they were entertained.

When we looked outside the square and considered our services as “entertainment” and not just a DJ, we came up with a lot of elements that ensures that every single guest at a wedding can leave saying they had a great time and felt they were entertained by something we did.

In this article, we are not going to go into the elements of entertainment we use (we like to keep our ideas a little secretive for our couples only), but we have many, many great ideas in our arsenal of creating fun and memorable moments with our couples and their guests.

The changing landscape of what weddings in the future may look like due to the pandemic may force some of the current DJs to look outside their comfort zone and current offerings and rediscover themselves as entertainers.

When you are looking at hiring a DJ, be sure to ask them What do you do if you have an empty dance floor?” If they can’t give you a great idea outside of just changing up the music, you might want to reconsider that person.

This article is not aimed at putting down other DJs, but in these times, it is critical that DJs start to realise that music may not be enough. A shift of the definition and responsibilities of a DJ may be taking place.

We would love to chat with you about how we can add elements of entertainment to your special day to ensure every single one of your guests leaves your wedding saying they had an amazing experience.

Let us send you more information …

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Written by Nik Reeds

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