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So you’ve found a venue where the DJ is included!

That certainly sounds like a good deal!

But is it?

WHY are they included?

Are they really free?

No, of course they are not really free. They are still paying someone for their time to be your DJ.
You are paying for the DJ, it’s just a fee included in your overall package.

Ask how much the DJ component of your package is so you can get an idea of what you are REALLY paying for.

Also, ask for who that DJ is and when you get to meet them.

Often, you don’t get to meet them until the night.

This isn’t a good idea when you consider you are meeting all your other vendors.
You are probably even meeting your cake maker and florist, but they aren’t even coming to your wedding!
They just drop their products off and go. But your DJ is coming to your wedding!
Your DJ is STAYING at your wedding and will be interacting with you and your guests.

So why WOULDN’T you demand to meet this stranger that will be there all night?

If you get the chance to find out who the DJ is, ask for where you can look at their reviews.

Reviews are CRUCIAL when it comes to your wedding day vendors.

What are other couples saying about them?

You MIGHT be onto a great deal. You MIGHT be very fortunate and have an amazing DJ for a low cost included.
Let’s hope so!

But the opposite might be true. You MIGHT have a terrible DJ that will ruin your night and have everyone
leaving at the first opportunity.

Don’t leave it to chance. Demand to meet. Demand to see reviews.


Nik Reeds