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Suppliers Cancelling Events – How To Prevent This Happening To You
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Just yesterday alone I saw the all too familiar post on Facebook groups of two different brides looking for last minute replacements for vendors that have cancelled on them.

Here are the screenshots (with personal details removed) …

Yes, these were both shared to the same Facebook group, yes they are both for the same date, but they are two different weddings and in different locations.  This happens all the time.

Hardly a day goes by I don’t see someone saying their “[insert vendor type here] pulled out on me” and now desperately seeking a replacement with very little time left to do it.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having the added stress of vendors cancelling with only days left to go!

So … what’s the solution?

I asked both these people who posted if they signed a contract with their vendors.

They didn’t.

You ABSOLUTELY MUST get a signed contract for every single wedding professional you are hiring for your day.
A contract is your protection and peace of mind that they have signed and committed to your event.
Not only that, but a contract is a sign of a professional vendor.

Of course, ensure you READ the contract and feel free to negotiate on the terms if they are not to your liking before signing.

In the contract, should be a clause stating that the vendor promises to fulfil their promise to you.

Often, people make the mistake of going with the lowest price and feel they got a bargain, but the sweetness of the money saved quickly can turn very sour if the vendor lets you down and cancels on you.  (Or even worse, just not turn up on the day without any notice at all!  Yes that happens too!)

Without a signed contract, any recourse of action against them is very difficult and likely impossible.

If you have already booked vendors but don’t have a contract with them, get one.

You want to know they are not going to let you down and have legally committed to your wedding.

Warmest wishes,

Nik Reeds

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