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You Pick The Music?
Picking the Music

by Nik Edser

In this article we are going to look at a marketing ploy that is used by a number of DJ companies, including a well known large nation-wide franchise DJ company. This marketing idea is quite ingenious, and allows them to keep costs down by hiring inexperienced staff and put them on weddings. They manage to turn a negative thing by puting a positive spin on it and selling it to the unsuspecting bridal couples hoping to save a few dollars.

So what is this marketing?

It’s simple but brilliant at the same time and it is simply the fact that these companies are advertising that the client picks all the music the DJ will play. This might sound like a good thing at first, but is actually a very bad thing which we will look at further in this article.

First, you supposed to be hiring a professional DJ. So why should YOU have to pick all the music? Do you think a lawnmowing company that has the motto “YOU mow the grass” would do very well? I don’t think so! A cut price doctor with the motto “YOU do the surgery”. Sounds pretty stupid right? When you hire a professional DJ, of course you want to let them know the main songs you want on the night (Bridal dance, cake cutting etc) and perhaps give them a few others that you want to hear during the night, but leaving it up to you to pick EVERY song? That’s just ridiculous.

Next, let’s consider how this gives them the ability to pass the blame onto you (the client) if the night does not go well. So you hire this company and think it sounds like a good idea to pick the music, and they are so cheap too! In all the planning of the wedding, you don’t get around to the huge task of going through all the songs to give to the DJ so in the end tell them to take control. They send you an inexperienced DJ that plays all the wrong types of music for your wedding. The fallback is that you should have picked the music and they will not accept responsibility.

Maybe you do pick the music. Maybe you take the time to go through and pick out all the songs you want on your night. That’s really great for the company because you have done all the hard work for them so they can easily put a DJ that has never performed at any functions at all on your wedding. After all, how hard can it be to just play the songs from the list you provided right? About halfway through the night, you start to realise that most of the guests are not really enjoying the music. In fact, even though you picked these songs, you even think to yourself that they don’t really seem to fit the mood of the night. So you decide to let the DJ take control and do what they should be able to do and use their skills to play what they think will work. That isn’t a problem when you hire a professional company, but if you have that work-experience kid for your DJ they won’t have a clue what to do.

Maybe you are happy for your DJ to take requests from the guests. There is an art in taking requests and fitting them into the flow of the music. Imagine everyone is dancing away and having a great time to a song like “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield. A guest approaches the DJ and asks for the next song to be “Diamonds” by Rihanna. Now that is a great song … in it’s place, but if it’s played directly after a rocking number like “Jessie’s Girl” it will not only sound stupid but guarantee that everyone that is dancing will stop and go and sit down. An experienced DJ will work with the request and fit it in later with similar music, but an inexperienced DJ will act like a human jukebox and just put it on next.

There are so many small but important things to consider when you are hiring a DJ company for your wedding. You can trust NikNat Entertainment to bring professionalism, quality and class to your special day.

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Written by BW_Admin

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