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“Our DJ Pulled Out On Us!”
Angry Bride

Your DJ pulled out on you?

Sadly, this is one of the most common things we hear. We get it, sometimes unavoidable things happen and there is a good reason for the DJ having to cancel, but many times this is not the case.

The sad thing is, quite often the excuse we hear the DJs give are the same ones over and over. It got laughable at one point and we started to wonder how many times one particular DJ could “break a leg” (yet seemed to look fine on his Facebook profile at someone else’s event on the same night!).

Of course, what is really going on here is that you have been shafted for someone paying more money. A common, and very unethical practice is for DJs to lock someone in at a low price yet still try and find a higher price booking. The worst case scenario for them is that they don’t find someone paying more so they figure some money is better than none so do the low paying event. Their best case is to have someone book them at a higher price leaving the original person without a DJ.

So what can you do about it? First and foremost, check reviews. NEVER hire any of your wedding vendors without finding what people are saying about them on Google, Facebook and ABIA. If they only have a few reviews on Google or Facebook, be careful. They may have deleted their old bad reviews to start fresh. Another thing is that they can easily write their own Facebook and Google reviews (or have friends write them). Check ABIA. It is impossible for just anyone to write a review on this site as the wedding is verified by ABIA as well as the couple’s email.

Besides checking reviews, be wary if the price seems low or “too good to be true”. A DJ should be charging significantly more than what you could hire the equipment for yourself. If this isn’t the case, it would be worthwhile asking yourself why this might be happening.

In many instances, the DJ that pulls out at least lets the couple know a few weeks prior, but it has happened many times that they don’t bother letting the couple know leaving the couple without any entertainment for their wedding! How very disappointing.

Another tip is to make sure you get a contract from the DJ. Do NOT hire a DJ without a contract as you may find it difficult to have any legal recourse.

We hope these tips have been helpful to you in your search for the right DJ for your wedding.


Nik & Natalie Edser

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Written by Nik Reeds

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