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Our COVID-19 Policy

Our Current COVID-19 Terms and Conditions
(27 May 2021)

We understand the concern that still exists when booking a wedding due to the unexpected and sudden lock downs that can occur.

To set your mind at ease, we would like to share with you here our terms and conditions of our policy when it comes to dealing with potential postponements or cancellations.

What happens if there is a lock down and my wedding can’t go ahead?
In this case, if there is a lock down (in the state where the wedding was to occur), then we work with you on a new date in the future to roll it to. We do not charge you any more for changing the date. The only reason you would be charged more is if you are adding extra services.

What happens if I choose to postpone my wedding because some of my guests are in another state that has gone into lock down?
In this case, we work with you to roll your booking to a new date. As, technically the wedding could have still gone ahead, we do need to charge a $220 postponement fee to cover some of the loss of income we experienced for that day. We understand it isn’t your fault and naturally you want your interstate guests to join you on the day, but it is also very hard for us financially. We feel that asking for a $220 postponement fee is not unreasonable.

What happens if I just want to cancel my booking?
If you choose to cancel instead of postpone, the usual cancellation policy on your booking contract is still applicable.

We hope this helps to clear up any confusion and help to put your mind at ease.
It’s become an overused phrase, but in this case, we really ARE all in this together.