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Wedding Singer Gold Coast
Gold Coast Wedding Singer

Gold Coast Wedding Singer

If you are looking for a Gold Coast Wedding Singer that is nothing like that old 90’s movie “The Wedding Singer”, then you have come to the right place!

Adding live music to your wedding day is a wonderful touch and adds a real touch of class. But only if the singer is good! A bad singer would only make your day look like a joke and end up being more like that 90’s romantic comedy. Probably not what you are looking for!

Gold Coast Wedding Musician Nik Edser


Who am I?
My name is Nik Edser. I am a professional Gold Coast Wedding Singer. I have been performing as a professional wedding entertainer as my full time job since 2008. Because I do this as my only source of income, that comforts many couples in the knowledge that I must be doing something right to keep getting hired and recommended by venues, past couples and suppliers.

What do I play?
I have two distinct “flavours”. Some couples choose one, some choose the other and some want both!

I play the guitar and sing. This is something that most couples choose for me to do over the canapes section of their day.
I also sing jazz with backing tracks. This is something most couples want me to do over the dinner section of their evening to add that touch of class.

However, it’s YOUR day.  You can choose to have me perform whatever styles you want whenever you want.

Where can we come to hear you?
As a full time Gold Coast wedding singer & entertainer, it is very rare to find me doing a performance open to the public. Therefore, it is very difficult to experience what I can provide for you in a live setting. As you can appreciate, we can’t allow you to come to someones wedding to hear me.  The best option is to check out some samples on our YouTube channel.

What songs do you know?
I am constantly updating my repertoire of songs on a weekly basis. I don’t keep an active list to share as it changes too often as I add new songs and sometimes cull songs that just don’t make the cut anymore. However, if you are interested, I am happy to send you a current list of songs that I can perform upon request.

Do you do anything else or are you just a musician?
I absolutely can do much more than be just a musician. Sure, I have been hired plenty of times as just the musician, however you can get the best value from me when you also have me as your DJ and Master of Ceremonies as well. I have been highly trained as an “all-round entertainer”. I am just as happy behind the decks as I am behind a microphone as a musician or as an MC.

If we have special songs, can you learn them?
In 90% of cases, YES!
If you have a special few songs that you would like me to perform (assuming I don’t already know them), I will quickly assess them and give you an answer if I feel that it would be something I could learn.  Once I feel that I am capable of learning it, I video myself performing it and send to you for your approval.

Gold Coast Wedding Master of Ceremonies

Choosing the right Gold Coast wedding singer …

At the end of the day, despite what I can do (or anyone else can do), it has to be the right match for YOU. I am not self-conceited enough to believe I am the right entertainer for everyone. In fact, for some couples I would probably be a terrible match. You need to take the time to find the entertainer that you feel comfortable with and that has the right sound that you are looking for.

When you are choosing an entertainer, their sound is very important of course, but also consider some other important things.

  • How will they dress for your wedding? (I’ve seen musicians turn up in torn jeans and t-shirts, not a great look).
  • Do they have a contract? (A sign of a professional and protects you as the consumer).
  • When do they arrive? (I arrive at least 1 hour prior to scheduled start time).
  • Do they take requests? (I am happy to take requests as long as it is a song I know).
  • Are they happy to meet you? (I love to meet to ensure that you are comfortable with me as your entertainer).
  • Are they friendly? (I try and make sure I take the time to acknowledge your guests with a smile).
  • Do they have insurance? (Legally, they should have public liability insurance).
  • Do they have good reviews? (Feel free to check our reviews).
  • Do any venues recommend them? (We are recommended by multiple venues across the Gold Coast)


These are just some of the things to consider other than just the price and sound of the wedding singer Gold Coast you are looking at hiring for your special day.

Accolades and Awards from the Australian Bridal Industry Academy

Top 10 Wedding Musician 2019

Finalist Wedding Musician 2019
Finalist Wedding Musician 2018
Finalist Wedding Musician 2017

Let’s chat …
We look forward to chatting with you about how we might be able to help you with your wedding day by providing you with live music to make your day even more special for you and your guests.



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Written by Nik Reeds

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