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Gold Coast DJs – Are They All The Same?
Gold Coast DJs

gold coast djs

Looking for the right Gold Coast DJ!

There are plenty of options when it comes to Gold Coast DJs. But what are you looking for as you search for the right DJ for your wedding?

What questions are you asking?

Do you have any great questions to ask besides “what are your prices and packages?”

Most couples don’t. It’s not their fault, it is just that it is the first time they have “bought a wedding”. It is also probably the first time they have hired a DJ, so knowing what questions to ask is definitely difficult. That is why we have put together this blog post to try and help give you some great questions to ask when looking around Gold Coast DJs.

Reputation – What are others saying?

Reputation is king in today’s online world. The great thing about the online world we live in, is that is has really made it difficult for dodgy operators to hide their bad reviews. Before the days of social media and online reviews, the control was much more in the business owners hands as they had more control on what was published and where. Now, anyone can write a review and it is there for the world to see. Good, bad or indifferent. This has seen a sway in the balance of power back to the consumer and has forced business owners to sharpen their game to ensure they are delivering quality service every time.

What are people saying about NikNat Entertainment?  Check our reviews on Google here -> Our Google Reviews

How long have they been in business?

Consider how long a company has been in business as another factor. There are plenty of Gold Coast DJs that we have seen come and go over the years. Sadly, when they shut down, it tends to be very suddenly with no word of warning to their booked clients. One day a couple think they have a DJ booked for their wedding, the next they learn from someone that they have heard their DJ went out of business. Sometimes they get this news when it is way too late to book a replacement leaving them out of pocket and out of entertainment.

How long have NikNat Entertainment been operating? We have been operating since 2005.

Can you meet the DJ?

We don’t only suggest meeting, we insist on it! Why? Because we need to ensure that we are a good match for each other. We have had meetings where we have felt we are not the right match. When this happens, we are happy to suggest other Gold Coast DJs that we feel would be better suited to the couples needs. For us, it is not all about the money and grabbing every wedding we can. We prefer to work with the right couples that know will benefit from our service.

Do they have a backup plan?

Quality DJ equipment is built to last, but it is still electronic and eventually all electronic items end up breaking one day. Speakers, mixers, laptops … they are not going to last forever. So what happens if there is an equipment failure at your event? Will this mean the night will be cut short of entertainment? What is their backup plan?

At NikNat Entertainment, we have contingency plans in place to ensure that the downtime (in the unlikely event of equipment failure) is kept to a minimum. We carry backups to ensure that we can finish the job without any detriment to the success of your night. This coupled with the fact that our equipment is well maintained and checked regularly for any faults.

Do they have a guarantee?

We don’t think you will find too many Gold Coast DJs with a guarantee. Our guarantee is simple. If you hire us for your wedding, and you don’t feel like we provided the service you expected, we don’t want your money! We believe in our services that strongly that we are willing to back ourselves on the quality of our service.

We hope these few things might give you a little more to think about when looking around Gold Coast DJs for your wedding day.

Let us provide you with more information about our service for your day. Learn more about our Wedding DJ Services here.

Warmest wishes,

Nik & Natalie Edser

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Written by Nik Reeds

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