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Paramedics & the fire brigade were called to this wedding!
Fire brigade at wedding

The wedding of Sarah & Wil at the Sheraton Mirage on the 18th of February is one that nobody will ever forget!

Both paramedics and the fire brigade were called in to help. But don’t worry, nobody was seriously hurt and there was no fire.
It all came down to a ring.  Yes, a ring!  Come with us as we recap this very memorable day …

We arrived before the guests to set-up the ceremony sound equipment. Shortly after the always amazing celebrant, Clarah Luxford joined me as we awaited the arrival of the groom and his men.
Wil arrived and was in fine spirits. A smile beaming across his face as this was the day he was about to marry the love of his life, Sarah. Everything was wonderful and went to perfect plan.
Sarah was breathtaking as she arrived, who was wearing the broadest smile as her Dad walked her down the aisle.

The ceremony was going extremely well (as is expected with a celebrant like Clarah there). The exchanging of the vows was heartfelt and beautiful, the exchanging of the rings was awkward, but funny as the ring for Wil’s finger was tight to say the least. They struggled whilst laughing and still saying their vows. They finally got the ring on!  It was then on to kiss the bride and then the signing of the registry.

The signing was done, and it was time for some photos of the moment. However, Wil had to disappear. The ring was way too tight and was cutting circulation off to his finger as it started to swell and go purple! With the intention of only going for a few minutes to soap it up and slip it off, this didn’t eventuate. Sarah was amazing and kept her smile the entire time and was so considerate only thinking of the guests and not of herself. She is such a kind person and her beauty showed not only on the outside, but also how caring and beautiful she was on the inside too.

After around 30 minutes had passed, with still no sign of Wil, it was decided to move on and have all guests move into the canapes area. News had come through that the ring was not coming off. Despite all attempts at soap and having his hand in ice water to try and reduce swelling. It was decided that this had to be escalated and the paramedics were called in. They were not able to cut it, so they called for the fire brigade to join them in removing the troublesome ring. Finally, after a massive ordeal for the poor couple, the ring was cut off by the emergency team and the celebrations could continue for Sarah & Wil.

The rest of the night was fantastic. With guests having a great time and dancing the night away.

This will definitely be one wedding we will never forget.

Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your very memorable day Sarah & Wil.


Nik & Natalie

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Written by Nik Reeds

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