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Don’t Hire A DJ!
don't hire a dj

“Don’t Hire A DJ!”

She told her friend.

“I saw a DJ at a friends wedding and they were TERRIBLE!”.

Well, thanks for that! So based on your ONE experience with a wedding DJ you assume all wedding DJs are the same?

This is sadly the case far too many times.

The truth is that there ARE many really terrible DJs out there, but there are also many really good, hard working, dedicated DJs that take pride in their work and invest in themselves to provide the very best experience for their clients.  The fact is, the woman who says to her friend “Don’t hire a DJ”, probably doesn’t realise that the couple that hired that DJ fell for the same sort of belief that all DJs are the same and hired the cheapest one they could find.

There are always going to be people that shop on price and price alone.

The other side of that coin is that there will always be operators happy to fill that market.

The downside is that neither the client nor the provider realise they are both doing the overall industry a disservice. From that one experience, some will assume that all DJs operate the same way based on that one experience.

I am no different to the “Don’t Hire A DJ” girl.


To be fair, I am probably no different. I have never had acupuncture. However, if I went and got acupuncture and it was a really bad experience, I would probably be the first person to tell everyone “Don’t get acupuncture! It doesn’t work!”. I probably wouldn’t stop to think to myself ‘Hmmm… is it really fair to base an opinion on one experience?’. No, I would probably just start telling everyone how acupuncture is a waste of time.

So, if you DO hear someone say “Don’t hire a DJ, they are terrible!”, perhaps ask them how many times they have hired DJs. Probably they have only once, or never and only seen them at other people’s events.

Check reviews. See what other actual couples are saying.

Check our our DJ services to see what we can provide.

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Written by Nik Reeds

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