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Choosing the right MC for your Wedding
MC Speech

by Nik Edser

In this post, we are going to discuss the importance the MC (Master of Ceremonies) plays at a wedding.  We will look at exactly what an MC is responsible for as well as some tips for choosing the right one for your special day.

As a professional DJ and MC, I have the pleasure of providing our service at well over 150 weddings per year.  So, as you could imagine I get to see a lot of weddings.  Some are more memorable than others, and some for good reasons, some for not so great reasons.

There are, of course, many reasons that might cause a wedding to be less than perfect.  But one of the major downfalls I see time and time again is due to the poor choice of the MC.  All too often I see the chosen “clown” of the family given the role of being the MC because “he’s funny when he’s drunk”.  This is the exact opposite of the sort of person that you want to take on the enormous list of responsibilities that fall on an MC’s shoulders.

So, this may lead to you ask – ‘What exactly is an MC responsible for’?

You might have thought the MC was just a witty guy that stood up and told a few jokes and introduced speech time.  No!  Now, I’m not saying an MC is a stiff boring person.  In fact, a good MC should know how to integrate some appropriate humor and wit into the event.  This helps the guests feel more comfortable. But the MC is also responsible for the following –

  • Be familiar with (if not help in the creation) of the event’s running schedule.
  • Arrive to the reception venue before the guests to become familiar with the locations of toilets, fire exits, the bar etc.  Also to check the microphone that is to be used for speeches is ready to go and test.
  • Liaise with venue staff to keep everything running as close to the schedule as possible.
  • Ensure they have the order of entry of the bridal party and all their names to be announced at entry time.
  • Make sure that any venue requirements in compliance with health and safety have been met.  This may include making an announcement to guests of any such venue stipulations.
  • Liaise with the DJ / Musicians to ensure they are ready to play any of the required music at the appropriate times.
  • Prior to announcing speeches, ensure all those that are making a speech are ready to do so.
  • Announce the cake cutting / bridal dance / bouquet toss / garter removal.
  • Ensure the transport for the bride and groom for the end of the night has arrived and they have everything they need with them.


So, as you can see a good MC is responsible for so much that it would seem unwise to choose your favourite person that loves to be the center of attention when they are drunk.

NikNat Entertainment provide professional MC services.  Using a professional MC service means that you can relax in the knowledge you are in good hands.  It also means the friend or relative you were thinking of can enjoy their own night as a guest without the added burden of a busy working schedule to keep track of on the night.

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Written by BW_Admin

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