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So you have a celebrant that has a speaker and is happy to play your ceremony music?


But … seriously have you actually HEARD the speaker they are going to be using?

The chances are it’s going to be a battery powered speaker, on a stand.
Sure … it sounds perfect for the spoken word and probably even playing music sounds great when they show you how it sounds in their office when it’s practically in your face, but … put that same thing outside and with a decent distance from you and it you would be lucky to hear ANYTHING when you are meters away from it waiting for the queue to walk down the aisle!

Even then, as you start walking down the aisle you notice how tinny and distorted the song you spent SO much time choosing to walk down the aisle to your soon to be life-partner sounds.  A bit of a downer for the start of your special day!

Ceremony music is SO important.

It’s the first time you and your guests get to hear your special selection of music for one of the most important times of your entire wedding … walking down the aisle.  In fact, other than the first kiss and first dance, there really isn’t too many other times in a wedding that are crucial and memorable moments!

If you skimp on having a professional to provide your ceremony music, you might find your day starts off very disappointingly.
Every celebrant we have ever worked with LOVE it when we take care of the music and sound so they can concentrate on doing what they do best … getting you married!

We are NOT doing them out of a job, we are helping them do a better job for you!

We use high quality sound equipment so the soundtrack in your mind to walking down the aisle sounds the way you envisioned (instead of too quiet, tinny and distorted though a battery powered tiny speaker).

Ceremony music and sound quality are such a frequently overlooked part of the wedding.
We have been voted #1 in Queensland for our ceremony sound.

We would love the opportunity of speaking to you about our ceremony music services.


Nik & Natalie Edser