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It was great to have helped organise and attend the annual BeatMix event on the Gold Coast this year. This year saw over 50 DJs and MCs from not only all over Australia, but all around the world converge on the Gold Coast to learn from each other.

Held this year at Twin Towns over 2 days in August, it was great to see so many fellow entertainers open to learning and sharing ideas with each other. Each year, we see so many people returning, which is a great sign that each year attendees are getting value out of the conference. Enough to come back again and again!

If you have hired a DJ for an event, it might pay to ask them if they were at BeatMix 2019, and then ask them why or why not. If they give the opinion that they don’t “need” to go to it because they already know everything … hmmm… be careful. None of us know everything. All the attendees to the conference agree that they don’t have all the answers and always feel there is room for improvement in their own skills.

Having a DJ that shows enough care to invest time and money into their own education and to further their skill for their clients is a positive thing. A client can only benefit from hiring someone that invests in their most important asset … themselves.

A skilled performer’s true ability to entertain comes from within. A true performer understands that if you lack the knowledge and internal skills to be a great performer you will fail. No amount of fancy lighting, great sounding speakers or smoke machines will make up for a lack of true internal talent.

I am looking forward to helping to organise and attend BeatMix 2020 which will again be held on the Gold Coast.