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Amazing ABIA Award Result for the NikNat Team



We were so proud of our little team this year at the 17th Annual Australian Bridal Industry Awards on the 21st of July at Cloudlands in Brisbane.  We took out the first prize last year with a bridal vote satisfaction rating of an impressive 99.13%.  We were hoping to get as close to last year’s result as possible, but knew our work would be cut out for us to get even close.

We were completely surprised and amazed to see our score this year increased to 99.53%!

We were overwhelmed with a sense of joy knowing that not only have we met the expectations of our bridal couples as we did last year, but have done even better.  It is a very humbling feeling and we wish to express our sincerest and heart-felt thanks to each and every couple who we have have the privilege of being a part of their special day and thank you very much for your scores to us.

Now the bar has been raised again!   Here’s to the next 12 months to see if we can beat a 99.53% bridal satisfaction rating!

Thank you again,

Nik & Natalie Edser


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